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October 24, 2023
The use of high-strength industrial aluminum profiles has the following advantages:
1. Industrial aluminum profiles only need to be designed, cut/drilled and combined; while traditional mechanical manufacturing materials usually go through complex processes such as design, cutting/drilling, welding, sandblasting/surface treatment, and painting.
2. The frame using industrial aluminum profiles is not thermally welded in the entire production process, so each component can be easily disassembled, and all materials and accessories can be recycled and reused; while traditional mechanical manufacturing materials are due to cutting deformation and high cost Dismantling costs and other reasons are rarely reused.
3. Due to the simple production process of industrial aluminum profiles, a lot of labor costs can be saved; especially when rework is caused due to production errors, it saves several times the man-hour than using traditional mechanical manufacturing materials.
4,.industrial aluminum profiles have not undergone thermal welding during the production process, and the material has no deformation, so the assembly accuracy is high; while the traditional mechanical manufacturing materials using thermal welding will inevitably deform, thereby affecting the final assembly accuracy.
5. There are many varieties, complete specifications, moderate price and wide application range of aluminum profiles in the assembly line; the unit weight is light, the mechanical properties are good, the connection strength is high, and the bearing capacity is large.
6. The size is standardized, the tolerance is strict, the appearance is generous, the finish is good, and it is anti-corrosion; it is specially used, does not need welding, is more environmentally friendly, and is extremely convenient to install, disassemble, carry and move.
7. The equipment made of industrial aluminum profiles has a more modern appearance, and its unique anodized coating is more firm and stable than the existing various coating methods.